Top 5 Reasons Why You Need an Aero Atlas® Map…

#1 Our maps are more accurate and up-to-date than your GPS.

A GPS or other internet mapping app is only as good as the map it contains. The latest edition of your GPS will not equate to the newest street information. Since our company concentrates on mapping North Georgia only (and not the world), we are able to update our maps more timely, accurately and completely than any national map provider.

#2 Our maps are not subject to technology or satellite failure.

Let’s face it…Electronic devices do malfunction. Satellite or cell phone interruption does occur. A paper map will NOT fail you.

#3 Our maps show you the BIG picture.

Ever wonder where you are in the grand scheme of things? GPS and cell phone screens are too small to effectively show your relative location. By just opening up your map book, you can see at a glance every street and street name within 36 square miles.

#4 Time is money.

GPS does NOT take you the shortest route but rather the most traveled route based on major roadways. When life happens, and it will…Road closed…Traffic jam…I’m lost…GPS identified incorrect street...Oh no! It’s snowing…, you will need a reliable back-up plan.

#5 You are more intelligent than your GPS!

There is a world of difference between the ability to calculate and the ability to reason. Common sense is something your latest GPS or other electronic device will never have. The good news is…you have it. Don’t forget to use yours, along with our map accordingly.

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