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Since 1959, Aero Surveys of Georgia has been creating high quality, detailed Aero Atlas® maps of Metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia. Because we are a small, local, family owned company that maps Georgia exclusively, we concentrate all of our time and effort daily in keeping the area we map accurate and up-to-date beyond compare. As a result, we are able to publish maps of Georgia that surpass national and international map providers. Evidence of this fact is cited in our long list of customers, including fire and emergency services, local and state government, delivery companies, service providers, real estate, small and large business and personal use.

We are cartographers (map makers) and not merely data collectors like our competition. The software we use to produce our maps is graphically driven not database driven. This means a cartographer hand placed the road names on each street as opposed to computer generated placement. Our process allows us to display ALL street names along with parks, schools, shopping centers, zip codes etc. for large areas at any scale which is not available with our competitors' maps. In addition, our Aero Atlas® maps are not susceptible to satellite interference or electronic malfunction, and map information is not influenced by paid advertisements. These facts combined with over 50 years of working closely with local government set our Aero Atlas® mapping products apart from the rest.

"Your maps are amazing. So easy to access, so much relevant information in one place, works great with post-it notes. Glad I couldn't find my Aero Atlas set. Now I have a complete up-to-date set of your maps. Thanks for a functioning product."

- Ben Anderson
BK Anderson and Company

"I've been using Aero Surveys maps for 30+ years. My business would be lost without them. Their book maps are the best I have ever used anywhere. I've been in other states and cities where they were not sold and the ones I got stuck with don't compare. Thanks for what you do."

- Mark Petty
Insurance Reports of Georgia

Our Customers

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