Aero Atlas® Viewer Software and Georgia Coverage Areas

The Viewer software is a map viewing tool used to navigate, draw, and print within our North Georgia coverage areas. If multiple areas are needed, they will merge together to create a single map and index. The Viewer software is only purchased once per organization (Unlimited Computer License) with the Data Areas sold separately as a per seat license (Per Computer License). We strongly suggest that you download and try our FREE 14 day demo as the software and data are non-returnable products.

6 Aero Atlas® Georgia Coverage Data Packs Available Below

Aero Atlas Viewer Software With (1) Free Data Coverage Area

Cover image for Aero Atlas Viewer Software With (1) Free Data Coverage Area

The Viewer software is a site license (Unlimited Computer License) that includes (1) free seat of data coverage. The data is distributed separately and is a per seat license (Computer Specific License). Multiple data coverage areas can be installed on a single computer creating a seamless map. Five (5) Data Coverage Areas are available and can be updated as needed. The Viewer is not a subscription service.

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